7 Alerts Everyone Should Activate Now (And How)

January 03, 2023

Life can keep us all really busy and doesn’t leave much time for us to check our bank accounts as often as we want (or should). In this age of technology, online banking and mobile banking give us access to our accounts anytime, anywhere, whenever it’s convenient for us. But is that enough to keep us on the right financial track and protect us from account fraud?

Now you can be automatically alerted when funds become low, when a payment is due or when a large withdrawal is made, among other important account activity notifications.

In order to help you stay informed—and have peace of mind—here are 7 alerts you can (and should) activate using online banking or your Point Breeze Credit Union app:

  1. Balance Alert – notifies you when your account balance falls below or goes above a dollar amount you specify
  2. Balance Update – receive periodic balance updates at a frequency you choose
  3. Check Cleared – notifies you when a specific check (that you’ve designated) clears
  4. Large Withdrawal/Deposit – notifies you when a withdrawal or deposit exceeds a dollar amount you specify
  5. Payment Due – notifies you when a loan payment is due or past due
  6. CD Maturity – notifies you when a CD is maturing
  7. Personal Reminder – set custom reminders and updates (one-time or recurring)
Activating these alerts will help you avoid overdraft or late fees by staying informed of your account balances and knowing when payments are due; and you’ll be more in tune with your regular account activity enabling you to quickly identify and report any suspicious activity.

Choose to receive alerts by text or email, or by “push notifications” sent to your smartphone from your Point Breeze Credit Union app. You can also receive notifications on demand using SMS text banking.

How to Set Up Alerts

From your desktop within online banking, click on ‘Notifications’ in the upper right hand side of your screen. Then select ‘Add new notifications’ and a list of the available alerts will appear. In the mobile app, select ‘Settings,’ then choose ‘Push Notifications.’

Enjoy peace of mind when banking with Point Breeze Credit Union. Find out more about how you can easily and conveniently manage your money using our mobile app.

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