Our History

For over 80 years, Point Breeze Credit Union has been a trusted neighbor saving people time and money. Read about our proud history below.

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Point Breeze Credit Union was established during a period when the United States was struggling to recover from a devastating depression. Many people found themselves in debt resulting from years of little or no employment opportunities. Management at Western Electric Company’s Baltimore Works encouraged the formation of a credit union so employees would have a safe place to save and borrow money at reasonable rates.

On August 6, 1935 Point Breeze Credit Union opened for business with 419 Western Electric employees as our members. Our name was derived from the area in which Western Electric was located, known as Point Breeze. At the time, the entire organization consisted of a handful of enthusiastic employees filling a small cubicle at the Western Electric plant. Today we have five offices serving more than 62,000 members.

In 1983, a change in our bylaws expanded the membership to include companies other than Western Electric. Since that time, our bylaws have changed several times to better serve the community. Currently, all individuals who work, worship, are members of and/or volunteer for any organization located within 20 miles of a Point Breeze office, and their immediate family, are eligible for membership.

This diversification has provided the growth and economies of scale that are necessary to provide a robust menu of loan and deposit products, as well as new and enhanced services, such as online and mobile banking, to meet the financial needs of our members. And, due to those changes, Point Breeze Credit Union has not only survived, but thrived.

After more than 87 years of serving members, Point Breeze Credit Union is well positioned to serve current and future generations for decades to come. Whether you have been a member for five decades or five days, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.