It's Spring.

Time to grow your money.

4.50% APY*

11 Month Certificate | Minimum $500 Balance
(You get the point)

*11-month Certificate of Deposit (CD): 4.50% APY; 4.40% APR. APY=Annual Percentage Yield. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Minimum balance is $500. APY is accurate as of 4/22/23 and assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for the full term at the quoted rate. Early withdrawal penalties will apply if any portion of the principal is withdrawn prior to maturity. Interest earned may be withdrawn at any time without penalty. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. If CD is closed before the accrued interest is credited, accrued interest will be paid. Point Breeze Credit Union reserves the right to change or terminate this limited-time offer at any time without prior notice. Offer not available for financial institutions. CD will automatically renew at the posted 6-month standard CD rate upon completion of the 11-month special offer period.
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